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About the Rooms

At what time can I check into my room?

Check in time: 3:00 PM, check out time: 12 noon. If you arrive in the morning and your room is available before 3:00 PM, we will check you in immediately. Otherwise, we will store your luggage and you can explore the downtown or enjoy the pool.

At what time do we have to check out from the room?

Check out is at 12 PM noon; if you plan to stay in Merida for the day or have a late bus or flight we will be happy to store your luggage and/or you, until you leave.

What are front desk hours?

The hours are from 7 am to 11 pm; If you arrive before 7 am (as when you take the bus from Palenque), someone will be there to let you in but, at that hour, they will probably be neither gracious nor welcoming. We will try to make this up to you during your stay. Should you arrive at night after 11 pm, there is a night manager that will give you the keys to your room, and in the morning you can check in at the office.

I’m leaving early, can I check out the night before I leave?

It is recommended that you do settle the bill the night before you leave. Then when you actually leave, you can simply leave the keys in your room.

What is the maximum number of people per room?

All of our rooms have at least one Queen bed, with a maximum occupancy of 2 people; The rooms with 1 Queen bed and 1 Single bed can accommodate up to 3 adults, The rooms with 2 Queen beds can accommodate up to 4 adults.
We also have a one bedroom apartment with 2 Queens, and 1 Single and the Palacio with 2 Queens and 1 Single that can accommodate up to 5 adults.

The penthouse is our only room with a King bed and can accommodate 2 adults.

What is the difference between the Poolside Casita, Standard and Poolside rooms?

We only have one Casita which is located next to the pool apart from the main building. It has two small rooms divided by a terrace. The entry room has the bathroom and fridge, coffee maker and drinking water. The bedroom has one Queen bed, Cable TV and A/C. The small covered terrace faces the pool and has a hammock and table & chairs.

Our standard rooms have one queen bed and one single bed, en suite bathroom, fridge, coffee maker, drinking water, cable TV and A/C.
We also we have one standard room with a patio on the third floor overlooking the Santa Lucia Church next door. The patio has a table & chairs with umbrella and hammock. The room has en suite bathroom, queen and single bed, A/C, fridge, coffee maker and cable TV.

Our poolside rooms have either one or two queen beds, terrace with hammock chair, en suite bathroom, fridge, coffee maker, drinking water, cable TV and A/C.

What is the difference between the One Bedroom Apartments and the Premium rooms?

We have several different one bedroom apartments. They all have a separate bedroom with at least two queen beds, living room, en suite bathroom, fridge, coffee maker, drinking water, cable TV and A/C. We have one apartment with two queen beds and a full kitchen and another apartment with two queens and a single beds.

Our Penthouse is located on the third floor overlooking the Santa Lucia Church next door. It is one room with King bed, en suite bathroom, A/C, fridge, coffee maker and cable TV. It also has an outdoor covered kitchen and terrace with table & chairs and hammock.

The Palacio is our largest poolside room. It is one room with two queen beds and a single bed, en suite bathroom, full kitchen with sink, gas stove and oven, A/C, fridge, coffee maker and cable TV. It has a private pool view patio w/ table & chairs, umbrella & hammock.

The Patron room is another poolside room. It is one large room with a pool view terrace and hammock chair. It has a bathroom, one queen and one single bed, full kitchen, A/C, fridge, coffee maker and cable TV. It also has a spiral staircase up to a private third floor patio with covered area, hammocks and table and chairs.

Reservations and Payments

Do you require deposits to reserve a room?

We do not require deposits to hold reservations.

What is your cancellation policy?

The guest can cancel free of charge until 2 days before arrival. The guest will be charged the first night if they cancel in the 2 days before arrival.

Is there a special rate for single occupancy?

The room rate is the same for single or double occupancy. From 3 to 5 people per room there is an extra charge per night ($10 USD per person per night).

Are children welcome?

Of course!

Can I bring my pets?

Sorry, pets are not accepted at Luz.

Your rates are in US Dollars and presently you do not accept any electronic payments. How do we pay and what is the best way to carry money?

The thing is, most of all, we love cash. We will accept Mexican pesos or US dollars. If you are paying in Mexican pesos, we will give the best exchange rate for that day. Most people find it easier to use ATM cards rather than travel with large amounts of cash. ATM machines are plentiful and air-conditioned. It’s OK to stand in them for a few minutes and pretend to be doing business but better to be actually doing business.

Where can I exchange currency?

The best rate is to be found using your ATM card. There are also many Currency Exchange places in the Centro where you can exchange USD, Euros, Pounds and other currencies for Mexican pesos. Some shops and restaurants will accept USD. Just make sure you check the exchange rate and agree to it before making your purchase.



What amenities does Luz en Yucatan offer?

While we are not a boutique hotel we do like to provide certain amenities that we feel will make your stay more enjoyable. All our rooms have mini split remote controlled air conditioners, cable TV, refrigerators, coffee makers, unlimited purified drinking water and of course a couple of cold beers awaiting your arrival.

Do all your rooms have private bathrooms with hot water.

Yes! All our rooms have a private bathrooms with pressurized hot and cold water.

Do you have parking available and how much does it cost?

We have parking spaces in a nearby secure public lot for free. You can pick up a pass at check in. The parking lot guards manifest varying degrees of alertness at various times during the day, so we always suggest you not leave luggage or other valuables in your vehicles.

Do you have WIFI internet?

We have free WiFi throughout the hotel. The best connection is in the dining room near the office, pool area and on the communal terraces.

Do you offer meals?

Presently we do not have a restaurant but there are many excellent ones within a few minutes walk. We are located across the street from the popular restaurant area of Santa Lucia (Apoala, Recova, La Tratto, La Chaya Maya to name a few). There is a nice café directly across opposite our hotel that serves breakfast. Easy. Also, several of our accommodations have fully equipped kitchens or you might want to take advantage of our communal kitchen and large dining area.

Do you offer drinking water in the rooms? Can I drink the tap water?

It is not recommended to drink the water from the faucet. We have free unlimited purified drinking water in the rooms. If you have your doubts about the level of purification, we offer you our tequila from the bar cart.

Do you provide an iron and ironing boards?

Yes, should you need an iron and ironing board, please contact our office staff. If you feel the need to iron on your vacation, we will be happy to supply additional items for you.

Do you have laundry service?

There are a few laundries within a block or two that offer wash and fold same day service for a very reasonable price. We do not necessarily believe that cleanliness is next to godliness, so don’t feel you have to stay neat and clean on our account.

Is there a safe available?

Yes! There is one safe in the Luz office for storing valuables and since we usually don’t have any money in it there is plenty of room for your stuff.

Do you have hairdryers in the bathroom?

No we don’t them in the bathrooms, but you can request one from the office.

Directions, Location and the Surroundings

Where is the Luz en Yucatan located?

We are located in the heart of the historic centro of Merida next to the Santa Lucia church and across the street from the Santa Lucia park and restaurants. It also hosts a free Serenade every Thursday evening featuring Yucatecan dress, dance, music and folklore. We are also located within walking distance of all the major sights including the main plaza, concert halls, theaters, galleries, and markets. We are a short distance from Paseo de Montejo (the Champs de Elysées de Mérida).

How close are you to the main plaza, museums, theaters and art galleries?

When you stay at Luz En Yucatan, you are only three blocks from the main plaza, or zocalo. There you will find the oldest cathedral on the continent, the Governors Palace, the MACAY, Merida’s modern art museum, and many colonial structures, as well as shops, cafes and restaurants. We are also a short walk to the city’s other museums, its universities and the Paseo de Montejo, Merida’s “Champs Elysees.”

What is your phone number should someone wish to get in touch with me?

Probably, if you wanted to be in touch with that someone, you wouldn’t be in Mexico. But if you are determined to remain available, our number is +52-999-924-0035.

What is the weather like?

Merida has a hot tropical climate. May through September are usually the hottest months of the year. The rainy season usually kicks in for September and October making these months generally cooler but wetter.

Check out weather.com for current conditions in Merida and the Yucatan, or consult The Weather Underground, which shows historical monthly temperature, rainfall and sunshine averages for the city of Merida.

Can you arrange tours?

If you want to go there, we will arrange to have you hauled there. And if you are not quite sure where it is you want to go; we have a selection of the most popular day tours. We can customize transportation to many other destinations. The more flexible among us will bend over backwards to meet your travel needs and preferences.

We are flying to Merida. What’s the best way to get to Luz?

If you have ruby slippers, close your eyes, click your heels and say “There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.”

If you do not have ruby slippers and are flying in a plane into Merida, exit the terminal and you will see an official taxi booth. Tell the attendant you are going to Luz En Yucatan in Centro on Calle 55 # 499 por 60 and 58, and purchase a ticket, (approximately $200 pesos). Print a PDF map with address and directions. It’s very easy, safe and the ride takes around 20 minutes. We’ll be waiting for you.

We are driving to Merida from the Mayan Riviera or Cancún airport. What is the best way to get to Luz?

Again, there’s the ruby slipper option. Or, take the Toll Road and follow signs towards the Merida Centro. You will go under the Periferico (ring road) and it will turn into Calle 65. You can take Calle 65 all the way to the centro but it is easier to turn right on Calle 52 before you get to the congestion of the market and main plaza. Go 4 blocks north on Calle 52 to Calle 57. Make a left on Calle 57 to Calle 60, then right on Calle 60. The next street is Calle 55. Make a right on Calle 55 and we are on the left side between the Santa Lucia Church and the Hotel San Juan. It’s a yellow/mustard colored building.

This sounds more complicated than it is. The centro is on a grid of odd and even one way streets. You might want to check out and print a few of the maps on www.yucatantoday.com website. We are around 3 to 4 hours drive from most resort cities.

Or not. Frankly, even if you don’t wind up in Merida or any other intended destination, almost every city and pueblo in the Yucatan has something to recommend it. Just get in your car and cruise. Remember….it’s the journey, not the destination.

How far is the Hotel from local Yucatan attractions?

Distances from Mérida in miles:

  • Dzibilchaltún: 14 miles
  • Progreso: 22 miles
  • Telchac Puerto: 38 miles
  • Izamal: 44 miles
  • Uxmal: 50 miles
  • Celestún: 52 miles
  • Kabah: 63 miles
  • Loltún: 70 miles
  • Chichén Itzá: 75 miles
  • Valladolid: 100 miles
  • Campeche: 157 miles
  • Río Lagartos: 165 miles
  • Cancún: 199 miles
  • Playa del Carmen: 240 miles
  • Tulum: 296 miles
  • Palenque: 346 miles
  • Agua Azul: 384 miles
  • San Cristobal: 493 miles
  • Mexico City: 946 miles
Why should I select Luz En Yucatan over the many other options in hotels and bed and breakfasts?

Why the hell not?! If you come, and Luz, for any reason, is not to your liking, we will have a shot of tequila and sit down and figure out what would work better for you. It’s your holiday and to be savored.

More answers on request. Please do contact us!